Wednesday, May 16, 2012

paths crossing

This week I started my medical evaluation! I am very thankful to have gotten to this phase. If something does not work out at this point it is because it is not whats best for my body. I did my ophthalmology and my first 20 vials of blood. There is one test called the PRA (Panel Reactive Antibody). This could come back high and would mean I am not a good candidate for a transplant because I would be really hard to match and very likely to immediately reject the islet cells. I feel very at peace with this situation because I  honestly feel like I have gone down a really long road for a reason. Back in July I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called TTP  (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) It was very random and happened out of no where. The cure is a treatment called plasmapheresis. I went through 11 of those treatments. All of my plasma was removed and replaced with 132 bags of new fresh plasma and my blood was cleaned also. When doing some research about this PRA blood test I stumbled across some medical journals saying that plasmapheresis is a treatment to help bring the PRA number down. The fact that these two paths have crossed has really been amazing to me! God's hand is in everything from day one. I can go back over 2 years and connect experiences that have led me to this moment right now. This is all why I am at peace with this situation and how it turns out. Writing this blog is about the journey, no matter how it ends. That is the beauty of life! Not knowing how it turns out but having faith that it will all make sense sometime, somewhere, somehow.

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