Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Unlikely Christmas Miracle

I believe that miracles come in many different forms. They aren't always as "miraculous" as one might think. They can be the little things in life that most people do not even notice, or the big ones that truly change people's lives forever. For example, a father who is going to have knee surgery finds out he has two arteries blocked and may need bypass. To his children that is a miracle! When I was diagnosed with a very very rare blood disorder it was not "luck," it was not the doctor's. It was a true miracle that I survived and am sitting here typing right now. That diagnosis changed my life forever. It was not just a short lived miracle that I soon forgot about after remission. It is with me every single day. Everyday since then that I have been happy and healthy has been a "miracle." My hematologist who has been in his field for many many years only has one other patient who has every had my same blood disorder. I have learned to truly appreciate everyday that I am healthy and realize this is not a guaranteed future. So when I received a phone call today from my transplant coordinator saying that even though all of my test have come back in the range they want them in I might not be the best candidate for the islet transplant I had two choices. 1)get really really upset, sad and get my self pity on (which trust me was very tempting) 2) look at my amazing children who are happy and healthy, my husband who has been a miracle in my life everyday and myself who has overcome so much and I am still standing. I chose option 2. I have a choice. And I could sit here all day and ramble on about the amazing things and people in my life! I am a survivor!! I want to inspire people through my life! This blog is not over because my journey does not end because the islet trial ended. It has only begun. I have learned how important organ donation and blood and plasma donation is and I want to inspire with my stories! My life has been many many miracles big and small.

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