Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm in love with Dexcom

I am back to blogging! I took a few months off and realized the other day how much I miss this thing:)

My 13th anniversary of T1 is coming up and with that I would love to be able to say, "Wow, have I come a long way." Sadly this "disease" has a way of going through multiple cycles and one of those being diabetes burnout. Any other diabetics out there know exactly what I am talking about. We get burned out and overwhelmed with the day in and day out of the roller coaster that is diabetes. After 13 years I can still get shocked when my meter reads 400 or even 30. Luckily there is some amazing technology and Endocrinologist out there that have lit a fire back under me and have motivated me to turn things around quickly and easily.

Which leads me to talk about my love for Dexcom. For those of you who do not know about this technology google it. Even if you are not type 1 you should really see how this works its amazing. A few years ago my old endo wanted me to go on the Minimed CGM (continuous glucose monitor). I had a very short lived relationship with this device TWICE. We broke up, it was ugly. Minimed is a fantastic company. I love their pump, it is what I use now and will probably forever. Their customer service is wonderful and quick. I just was not sold on their CGM. So when I went into my doctor's office last week to get set up on their Dexcom CGM for a week I was a little hesitant. Immediately I knew this was different. It was hesitant but it was love. I left the doctor's office and two hours later I was in business. There were so many times that week it literally saved me from multiple low blood sugars that would have turned really dangerous really fast. It was so accurate the entire time, that I was giddy about checking my blood sugar to see that my Dexcom was right on every time. It gave me back confidence that I had lost from so many years of this "disease." It turned my blood sugars around drastically and really helped me see where I need to focus. It has made my life easier and has allowed me to start doing things again that I was hesitant to do before. My new very own Dexcom will be here on Thursday!!!! I have felt lost for the past day without it. Any Type 1's out there or anyone who knows a type 1 talk to me if you need to be convinced! I'm in love and I hope I don't have to throw this one out the window:)

I also need to give a shout out to my Endocrinologist who truly believes in me and even though she is not type 1 she truly tries to understand what I am going through. She encourages and does not judge and she is the first endo that I do not try to think of every excuse in the world to cancel my appointment.

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