Sunday, April 7, 2013


Passion is an important thing to have. It is what gets us up in the morning and what helps us through the rough times. I have always been passionate about my friends and family...... especially my kids. I have devoted the last 7 years to being a stay at home mom and making sure my family was happy and healthy and growing. It is my passion. Last night my best friend and her main man were over for dinner. We were having a pretty deep discussion when he asked me what am I passionate about. I blurted out that I am passionate about my Type 1 and helping educate those who are newly diagnosed. In this discussion I also realized I do not myself have a group of people who have type 1. People I can meet face to face and have lunch with and share up and downs with. I am now pondering how many other people in my area feel the same way. My dear friends have inspired me to start a support group in my area. In starting this support group my hope is to gather a group of people who can join to support each other in this roller coaster. Also to start a mentor program where we can reach out and help young kids around the area being newly diagnosed, and their parents struggling with the life changing news that they just received.

Everyone has something that they are being "called" to do. Go out and do it. So anyone out there who knows any type 1's in the Mckinney, Texas or the surrounding area please send them my way!

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